We have been on the market for over 70 years. The origins of the company date back to the 1930s when Sabino Campana opened a pastry shop in Torre Annunziata and decided to combine the production of freshly roasted fresh coffee next to the art of confectionery. Pasquale his son after having inherited his father’s business, continued over the years and until the 90s the coffee processing dedicating him also a “CamCaffè” brand. The Campana family has always pursued, with great passion and dedication, the roasting activity, a world made of precious beans, intense captivating aromas from all over the world that come together to form mixtures with a unique flavor. Now the third generation is represented by Raffaele and Paola Campana who are following the same philosophy inheriting the know-how necessary to pursue a product of the highest quality. Raffaele and Paola in November 2013 created the Campana caffè brand.

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